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Boys basketball team poses with their new pair of shoes

The boys basketball team at Hale High School took a field trip down to the Greenwood District to visit Silhouette Sneakers & Art.

What the boys didn't know is that an anonymous donor paid for each team member to pick a pair of sneakers to take home.

Once the good news was delivered, store owner Venita Cooper let the coaches know that they too would be able to choose a pair of shoes for themselves.

"I'm at a loss for words", said Coach Daniel McChesney. "I'm so proud that someone would think of this team and reward them in a way that is so unique and special. I just know that these kids are never going to forget this."

"I'm just feeling really thankful", said Hale freshman Jordynn Otomewo. "I saw these Jordans and thought they matched well with my wardrobe so it didn't take me very long to pick them out."

Venita Cooper, who had previously been an educator, said this was an extra special moment for her: "I'm so overwhelmed with joy and excitement! Nothing can match the energy that kids bring into this space, and I'm so excited to be a part of this celebration with them."

Once the team had all picked out their new pair of shoes, they were asked to sign a basketball that would be displayed at Silhouette for people to remember the generosity on this special day.

Sneaker Surprise for Hale Boys Basketball Team