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A student uses the table saw in construction class

Hale High School has partnered with Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa, Inc. to build wheelchair ramps for seniors and people with disabilities. This partnership give students in the construction program the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in class to serve the community.

Hale students, with the guidance of their instructor Kent Harris, build modular sections of wheelchair ramps which are then sent to Meals on Wheels for volunteers to assemble at clients' homes. So far, students have built six ramps.

“This has been an incredible partnership," said Jonathan Vanbeber, Director of Client Services at Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa. "Nathan Hale educators have found ways to engage their students in the community, learning skills and contributing to the health and independence of Tulsa neighbors. This represents one of the many ways Tulsa Public Schools is preparing our children to be leaders in Tulsa, helping youth in the classroom find innovative solutions to the needs of seniors and people with disabilities in the community.”

Learn more about the construction program here, and check out photos of the ramps below!