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Ms. Hall teaches AP African American Studies course.

McLain High School is proud to be one of 65 schools in the country that offers students the chance to take part in a course called AP African American Studies. In addition, McLain is the only school in the country that has not one, but two teachers teaching two different sections of the course at the same school.

Forty-five students are currently taking the course, which is taught by Tulsa Public Schools teachers Ms. Shekinah Hall and Mr. Darren Williams. Hall has been teaching for three years and loves that the conversations within the classroom never feel forced and the students fully embrace the subject. 

“I’m loving what I’m learning from my students. I like that we’re having these discussions and not everything is so structured – just letting loose and having fun and learning,” she said.

Not only is this course putting Tulsa on the map, it’s giving students a chance to have open conversations. 

“It’s important for people to learn their own history and to not just understand who they are as a person, but who we are as a country –  how can we grow, how can we continue to better ourselves,” said Hall. “I think that’s something that’s really needed right now.