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Dee Landrum is a Tulsa Public Schools Support Employee of the Year Finalist

Tulsa Public Schools is excited to introduce Donericia “Dee” Landrum as a finalist for Support Employee of the Year. Dee started her career with Tulsa Public Schools six years ago as an attendance clerk. Last year, she moved into her current position as a teacher’s assistant helping students with credit recovery at Tulsa MET High School. Dee’s coworkers describe her as her students’ biggest cheerleader and sternest grandma.

“I think I have a great connection with the students,” said Dee. “I try to teach them how to set goals, how to reach their goals. I try to encourage them to work because sometimes they get off target.”

Dee said she is like a watchdog as she oversees the classroom and monitors the students’ assignments and grades. When they do well, they may get a pizza party or free time on Fridays.

“It’s rewarding. My greatest reward is seeing how excited they are when they think they can’t do something, and I keep nudging them [until they do it],” she said. “I’m just happy I can help.”

She loves the diversity of her students and coworkers and the shared experience of working together to push all of them toward success.

“I love Tulsa MET. It’s a great place to work. People encouraging each other, helping kids. It’s all about the kids,” she said.

She said she was raised in a home where she was taught that you must do your very best in everything you do, and she works to instill that in her students. She keeps them focused on completing the classes they need to graduate, and when they achieve that goal, she is always there to celebrate that achievement with them. 

Dee is one of five finalists for the award. The district’s Support Employee of the Year will be announced later this year.