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Students learn coding and security basics in Rogers cybersecurity program

This is the second year for Will Rogers College High School's cybersecurity program. Through a partnership with the University of Tulsa, Rogers currently offers Computer Science Principles and Cybersecurity Basics.

"In Computer Science Principles, it is a deep dive into Python coding language. They're utilizing TI-Innovator calculator hubs and rovers to implement that code and see that code actually make something move and do something in real time," said instructor Timothy Crisp. "Now that we have access to these Boston Dynamics Spot dogs, Krypto will be coded by the students, just to start to wet their whistle looking into big time Python coding of a robot."

In Cybersecurity Basics, students learn the theory, ethics, and ideas of cybersecurity. 

"We teach them about the Linux command terminal and shell to set some security permissions on directories and on files. This course is really to get you to think about what is security. Next year, I really want to implement some encryption," said Crisp.

Students are able to earn college credit if they make an A or B in these classes and attend the University of Tulsa after graduation.

"I wanted to learn more about computers and wanted to expand my learning and make new paths," said Rogers freshman Eli Araiza. "Once I started in this class, they told me that I had an opportunity at TU, I was like, okay, I'm gonna take them. I took this class for experience."

Michael Kelley, a Rogers senior in the cybersecurity program, is concurrently enrolled at TU and even received a full ride scholarship to attend in the fall.

Students in the program can take field trips to TU throughout the year and some will be interning there over the summer.

The Computer Science Principles class can count as a math or technology credit for students, and they are able to earn certifications in Python coding.

"There's so much benefit to learning this because it's where our world is at and where our world is moving. You're going to need to know how to work with and manipulate technology for your future. I think the students are seeing that. It's something that's tangible. It's something that they've had in their hands since they were a kid," said Crisp.

Click through the slideshow below to see photos of students learning how to operate the robotic dog, Krypto.

Cybersecurity at Will Rogers College High School