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Open Records Requests

Response time may vary depending on the nature and scope of your request. Due to an increase in volume of inquiries, processing times are significantly delayed. To help us expedite your request, we ask that you try to be as detailed as possible about the records you need. 

For questions about records requests, contact, the communications team members for the district who are the persons designated to release such records under the Open Records Act. (51 O.S. § 24A.5 (OSCN 2024), Oklahoma Open Records Act)

*Please note there may be a charge depending on the nature of the request. Upon receiving your Open Records Request, we will send you an estimate of the cost to pull the relevant records. After receiving your approval of the estimate, we will begin processing your request.

*See our Fee Schedule policy here.


Please note: Do not use this form if you need to request student records or transcripts. Those requests must be submitted here.


Need to request student records or transcripts? Click here to request those records from our Enrollment team.