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Pathways TO opportunity

2022-2027 Strategic Plan for tulsa Public schools


Pathways to Opportunity is the culmination of many candid community conversations, insights and suggestions from every corner of our city, and the very best thinking of our system’s educators, school leaders, support professionals, parents, students, partners, and advocates. This plan represents our promises to the people of Tulsa:

  • Our schools will be places in which students can find and grow into the best version of themselves.
  • Our students will become powerful readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers for whom language is a life-long asset.
  • Our high schools will prepare young adults for a rich, choice-filled life.

Schools have always been the beating heart of vital communities, and Pathways to Opportunity is designed to create robust foundations for children to learn, grow, thrive, and achieve their greatest potential in college, careers, skilled trades, or military service.

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board goals and guardrails

The letters “X” and “Y” indicate placeholders for the targets and baselines that the Tulsa Board of Education will be set before the start of the 2022-2023 school year.


The Tulsa Board of Education established three broad goals that represent the most important expectations our community holds for our school system. Between 2022-2027, these goals will be the measurable accomplishments upon which we will focus and that will serve as our collective North Star.


Our guardrails are the community values - expressed as strong statements of protection - that Tulsa Public Schools will uphold and respect. Guardrails complement our goals: goals establish our strategic direction and guardrails set boundaries on the methods we use to achieve those goals. 


Our Schools


Elementary Schools


Middle Schools


High Schools


Alternative Schools


District-Authorized Charter Schools


Virtual School


School sites offering 46 career and technology education programs including broadcasting, culinary arts, cybersecurity, web design, construction, and engineering


international baccalaureate school

Booker T. Washington High School


Middle years programme school

Carver Middle School


HIGH SCHOOLS offering concurrent enrollment through our local higher education institutions


HIGH SCHOOLS with embedded Tulsa Tech career-ready programs


SCHOOLS offering early college high school programs

McLain High School
Memorial High School

Will Rogers College High School

Our 5,272 Team Members*

Distribution of Our Team*

  • 26% Black
  • 5% American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 2% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 12% Hispanic/Latinx
  • 54% White
*As of January 18, 2024

3rd Largest Employer
in the Tulsa Area*

teaching icon
Total enrollment: 33,572 students
84% economically disadvantaged

Student demographics

  • 36% Multilingual learners*
  • 13% students with disabilities
  • 13% gifted and talented

Student Race/ethnicity

  • 38% Hispanic/Latinx
  • 22% Black
  • 21% white
  • 11% multiracial
  • 4% American Indian or Alaska Native
  • 3% Asian/Pacific islander


As of Oct. 2023
*Represents both current and former multilingual learners



Our students lead through literacy, are empowered through experience, and contribute to their community.


Tulsa Public Schools honors the diversity, creativity, and passion of our students, elevating every student to be designers of their destiny.

Thoreau Middle School students at all district track meet
Central graduate walks across stage



The development of this plan

April 2021

Tulsa Board of Education begins community engagement, completing 35 listening sessions to understand our community's expectations for Tulsa Public Schools.

June 2021

30-person community committee created to guide the development of Pathways to Opportunity.

July 2021

Tulsa Board of Education votes to adopt a mission, vision, goals, and a measurement plan for Pathways of Opportunity.

August 2021

30-person community committee approves six core strategies.

September 2021

Tulsa Public Schools hosts more than a dozen community engagement sessions to share the draft strategic plan and collect feedback.