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Our Beliefs

Our beliefs describe what we hold as inherent truths.

Our Students Can

Every child can learn. Every child has talent. Every child has value. Great education is demanding and engaging, structured and joyful, challenging and supportive. To succeed in a competitive world and to serve as the next generation of leaders, students must engage in their education, own their learning and feel accepted and supported in our schools.

Our Teachers Make it Happen

Extraordinary teachers are the heart of successful schools. They must continually hone their craft and content knowledge to design engaging learning and facilitate success in every student. We require much of our teachers, and we must provide the conditions and work environments that promote professional satisfaction and student achievement. This means that our entire community must value, respect, and support teachers as the irreplaceable professionals they are.

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Our Principals are Key

Principals’ responsibilities are strategic, vast and intense. As leaders, they must be visible, hire the right staff, cultivate talent, build relationships with families and communities, foster positive and safe school culture and ensure results. As such, the education service center must support principals’ growth as instructional leaders and be their primary support system in strengthening the quality of teaching and learning in all classrooms.

Our District is "All In"

Effective teams collaborate and continually assess and improve their service to schools. They attend to present needs while preparing for the future. This means our employees and board must work together, reflect, adjust, think ahead and innovate in service to powerful teaching and learning.

Our Community is Essential

Our children and schools need all of us—educators, families, and community partners. High quality schools are vital to the health of our community. We must engage our families and all of Tulsa by embracing transparency, holding ourselves accountable to high standards, proactively communicating and working as a team united in the success of every student.