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A skilled team that reflects our community and is deeply valued for their contributions

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A skilled team that reflects our community and is deeply valued for their contributions

Tulsa Public Schools will cultivate a skilled, valued, and culturally responsive team that is motivated to stay and grow through multiple career pathways.

Our community says this matters because:

“Building a highly skilled, culturally responsive team that feels valued and supported will reduce turnover and ensure that we have the right people in the right positions to support student outcomes.”

Our educators say this matters because:

“Our team of educators needs to feel valued, seen, and supported. These conditions enable us to collaborate and grow together as teammates. We can cheer on one another as we cheer on our students.”

Our students say this strategy matters because:

“The adults in our schools have the ability to shape the leaders of the future and inspire future generations. As students, we need an active and professional team around us that cares about our success and has a plan to help us.”

A closer look

INITIATIVE 1: Recruit and hire talent that reflect and meet the needs of our students.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Strategically use incentives and recruitment to find and hire talented and passionate team members who represent the families of Tulsa, eventually including a “grow our own” program that invites current students onto Team Tulsa

» Improve our application and hiring process so that we are competitive and accessible to high-quality candidates and can effectively and efficiently staff Team Tulsa

INITIATIVE 2: Develop and retain talent who are committed to our students, core values and beliefs, and the future of our district.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Expand Tulsa Public Schools’ alternative certification and preparation program to invite a broad range of educators into critical teaching roles across our system

» Center novice teacher development and support on creating safe and, affirming culturally-affirming, and just environments that make student learning possible

INITIATIVE 3: Build an accessible pathway for promotions, leadership development, and career building on Team Tulsa.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Develop committed, culturally-responsive teacher leaders who have opportunities and incentives to lead from within the classroom and across the district

» Create opportunities for support staff to explore new roles, seek promotion, and advance their career in Tulsa Public Schools

» Create a clear process for staff to signal their interest in school leadership, explore the roles, and once in them, receive the coaching and support needed to become successful, culturally-responsive motivating leaders

INITIATIVE 4: Develop an inclusive working environment where staff are valued and fulfilled, and have opportunities to continuously learn and grow as professionals.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Collectively define a healthy, inclusive organizational culture and work together to build it

» Learn about employee experiences -- individually and across the system -- to continuously improve our culture

» Deliberately work to understand the professional experience of historically underrepresented and underserved employees and ensure that they want to stay on Team Tulsa

We will measure our progress through:

  • The percentage of staff of color and bilingual staff