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A rich, personalized, and real-world ready high school experience

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A rich, personalized, and real-world ready high school experience

Tulsa Public Schools will offer high school courses that provide meaningful credits and credentials that help launch a choice-filled adult life.

Our community says this matters because:

“Offering students courses that align with their interests and that teach specific life skills will instill a deeper love of life-long learning while preparing them to immediately become contributing members of the community.”

Our educators say this matters because:

“Every educator plays a role in helping students imagine their future. Our charge is to prepare our students for whatever path they choose after graduation. We can meet that challenge by ensuring every student has a plan and a meaningful head start.”

Our students say this strategy matters because:

“Students want to choose a path for our own future. Some of us are ready for the work force and others want to head straight to college. It’s important to offer different courses that both give us credentials for future careers and prepare us for the option of college.”

A closer look

INITIATIVE 1: Ensure every Tulsa Public Schools student has a clear pathway to a diploma and credentials that prepare them for real life after high school.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Create a course sequence that allows students to earn high school and college credits earlier

» Intentionally design student learning and growth experiences based on the developmental needs of adolescents

» Maximize student access to courses across high schools, colleges, and technical training programs

INITIATIVE 2: Ensure our graduates leave with a life plan and the real-world skills they need to make it happen.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Provide students with an advisor who helps them prepare to achieve their long-term goals after high school

» Provide middle and high school students side-by-side support to develop meaningful plans that bridge high school and young adult life

» Provide students with hands-on financial learning that will help them transition to early adulthood

» Support students and their families to complete the financial aid applications necessary to attend college or training programs after high school

INITIATIVE 3: Provide students with hands-on, real-world learning.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Welcome business and industry partners into our schools to offer career counseling, mentorship, internships, and job-shadowing opportunities

» Create opportunities for career exploration starting in middle school

» Begin to expand access to credit-bearing work-based or service learning opportunities starting in 10th grade

We will measure our progress through:

  • The percentage of students on-track to earn the highest-level diploma
  • The percentage of high school students eligible for high-level courses
  • The percentage of students applying for financial aid
  • High school advisories based on common best practices
  • The percentage of students earning a diploma plus post-secondary credits or a credential
  • The percentage of students accessing work and service-based learning
  • The percentage of students engaging in meaningful life planning
  • The percentage of students participating in hands-on financial literacy programs