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Tulsa as a city of learning and opportunity

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Tulsa as a city of learning and opportunity

Partner with our community to provide students with intentional learning opportunities in and out of school that spark curiosity and provide real-life experiences.

Our community says this matters because:

“Partnering with the community to engage students in experiential learning not only improves learning and academic achievement, it also allows students to discover many new opportunities that are accessible to them.”

Our educators say this matters because:

“Our students have unique passions, interests, and hopes for the future. Making learning come alive, in and out of the classroom, strengthens school communities and helps our students explore what’s possible for their future.”

Our students say this strategy matters because:

“Relationships with community members around topics that we care about sparks motivation. It can help establish trust and helps us feel like we are learning things that will matter in the future.”

A closer look

INITIATIVE 1: Provide equitable access to expanded learning opportunities that are hands-on, fun, and spark curiosity before school, after school, and during the summer.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Adopt expanded learning programming models based on learner passions, community needs, and partners’ capacity

» Provide before and after school and summer programs that are accessible for families and motivating for students

» Prioritize student engagement through powerful play, creativity, and youth voice in expanded learning programming

INITIATIVE 2: Expand our network of community partners to provide expanded learning opportunities that bring the real world to our students.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Identify best practices that connect in and out of school learning and strengthen students’ social, academic, and emotional skills

» Develop a blueprint for school-community partnerships to provide learning opportunities outside of the classroom that match students’ interests and community strengths

» Develop sustainable, long-term funding for expanded learning in Tulsa

We will measure our progress through:

  • The percentage of students accessing work and service-based learning
  • The percentage of students reporting supportive adult relationships in school
  • The percentage of students reporting a sense of belonging in school
  • The percentage of students reaching reading growth targets