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Welcome and value every family as their child’s first, most important, and lifelong teachers

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Welcome and value every family as their child’s first, most important, and lifelong teachers

Tulsa Public Schools will support, develop, and organize all of our team members to create an inclusive, engaging, and collaborative environment with families.

Our community says this matters because:

“It takes a village to raise our students. Families, educators, and the community more broadly all have a role to play in keeping our students on target and helping them be successful.”

Our educators say this matters because:

“Students can be more successful when team members, parents, and the community work together with the common goal of investing in the whole student. Every school team member plays a role in welcoming and partnering with our families.”

Our students say this strategy matters because:

“The more parents are involved in their children’s education, the better our entire class’ motivation, behavior, and grades become. It’s important to try and engage every student’s family. The collaboration between the two is what helps us be clear on our future goals and next steps.”

A closer look

INITIATIVE 1: Our schools are welcoming places that value family-school relationships.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Help families get the information and support they need to find the school that is the best fit for their child

» Expand access to information and resources in multiple languages to help all families stay informed and involved

» Provide staff with training to help them create school climates where all families feel welcomed and supported

» Work side-by-side with families to create school- and district-based opportunities for them to contribute, lead, and provide feedback

INITIATIVE 2: Involve families as learning partners.

This means Tulsa Public Schools will:

» Provide families with the information they need to understand their child’s academic, social, emotional, and physical growth

» Equip families with the tools, knowledge, and skills to support their child in building early literacy at home

We will measure our progress through:

  • Percentage of parents receiving accessible information about special education services and processes