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Course of Study

About Tulsa Public Schools Course of Study: 2022-2023

The Course of Study (COS) is a document that identifies the District’s standards-
based courses that meet or exceed the state and the district graduation requirements. It reflects the body of courses available to all high schools, as well as
courses that are unique to individual sites. During the fall semester of each year,
schools have an opportunity to propose new courses for inclusion in the subsequent
Course of Study.

The Course of Study, in addition to defining individual course offerings, sets the grade levels at which the courses should be taught as well as enrollment pre-
requisites. Year-long courses are offered for 1 full Carnegie unit of credit, and semester courses are offered for 1⁄2 Carnegie unit. Credit requirements are defined
by the state and district graduation requirements. Suggested sequences also
appear so that students may differentiate and deepen their learning experiences
through enrollment in advanced courses that, in many cases, may lead to the award
of college credit upon successful completion of one or more external examinations.



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