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Early Childhood Education

We believe...

  • How children learn in their earliest years plays a key role in their brain development and in the adults they will become.
  • Children learn best when they get to explore the world around them, play with others, and learn to speak with and listen to others.
  • All children deserve strong learning experiences from birth to lay the foundation for life-long learning.

Early Childhood program highlights

Growth-Centered Learning Environments

Early childhood classrooms provide a safe, nurturing environment. 

Age Appropriate Learning

Early learning classrooms provide students with age appropriate, intellectually stimulating experiences, where students play and learn

Prepare for Success from Day One

The youngest students in Tulsa will benefit from Birth through Eight Strategy for Tulsa, which aims to increase the percentage of children born healthy, raised in safe and nurturing homes, ready to enter kindergarten, and achieving success by third grade.

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