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Nutrition Education

The child nutrition team provides quality nutrition education to enhance the learning experience for every student. We equip students with the knowledge they will need to make healthy choices and develop good lifestyle habits for their future. 

Check out our interactive learning materials, videos and other helpful content below:



children in kitchen with adult supervision preparing recipes

Future Chefs in the making

These students are hard at working preparing their recipes for the Future Chef challenge. They will have samples for everyone to try. Judges will taste the recipes and ask questions about the items they prepared.

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A student peels potatoes

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students looking at and holding warms

Wiggly helpers

Worm station on the Farm to Market field trip. Students learn how worms help the soil and how it benefits plants growth.

girl with lady being presented a winning prize

2019 Future Chef winner

This was the first time for Sara Queen to enter the competition. She took home the grand prize for her wonderful Mexican Quinoa.

boy in kitchen at stove stirring and cooking hamburger meat

Future Chefs

Students preparing the recipes they submitted for the Future Chef challenge.

student milking wooden display of a cow while other students wait in line.

Field Trips

One of the stations in the Farm to Market field trip. Students are able to try and milk the cow display. 

students in cafeteria sampling the food the catering team has prepared.

Great taste

Displaying tasting at Memorial High School. Catering team prepares a dish that students are able to sample. 

boy in kitchen, cutting green vegetables

Serious Competition

4th grader Grant Perry preparing the green onions for his Fiesta Burrito Bowl for the Future Chef challenge.