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Data Strategy and Analytics

We take the "numb" out of numbers!

What We Do

Teachers, school leaders, and support staff throughout our district rely on data provided by our team as they work to support students and families. Through real-time data, we can help answer questions like:

  • How many absences has Jeremy had during the last two months?
  • How have these absences impacted Jeremy’s academic performance?
  • What intervention strategies are colleagues implementing to better support Jeremy?

The data team loves looking at numbers and helping our extraordinary educators answer important questions like these in an efficient and simple way so that they can better serve our students. We’re relentlessly focused on serving our schools - whether that's through partnering directly with teachers, creating data dashboards, or analyzing information behind the scenes.

Students wearing headsets raising their hands in classroom

Ways we support schools

Our team provides support to teachers and schools by helping to provide:

  • Analytic reports: We do the deep dives and find the insights that help our teams make smart data-driven decisions. 
  • Data tools: We provide tools to teachers and school leaders that can help facilitate strategic, data-driven decisions.
  • Dashboards: The Dashboards feature student, class, and school-level data visualizations and statistics for teachers and school leaders to make data-informed decisions.
  • Data requests: We fulfill data requests for our teachers and school leaders to help them understand needs and trends and to help improve student outcomes. 
  • Research and evaluation: We provide data analysis for school stakeholders to ensure that we stay on track to Destination Excellence.

Data Dashboards

The Data Dashboards were developed based on guidance, feedback, and insights from our teachers and school leaders. The Dashboards provide tools and visual displays of district data to teachers, principals, and district leaders. We are always gathering feedback and suggestions to help refine these tools.

You can view a few features of the Dashboard below:


The attendance dashboard features a year-by-year comparison of district attendance rates, in terms of average daily attendance, and chronic absenteeism (the rate of students with more than 10% absence).

Student Profiles

Students have individualized profile pages with tabs tracking metrics such as attendance, test scores, transcript, grades, discipline, and graduation track progress.


Student attendance information since the 2015-2016 school year might look like this:


Student MAP Math scores since fall 2014 might look like this:


Student academic progress over time might look like this:


Student progress in meeting credit requirements toward graduation might look like this:

Student Letters

Teachers and counselors can easily generate academic and behavioral student letters to send to parents and students.

What the teachers are saying

  • "You guys are doing a great job! Love the updates."
  • "Love getting the weekly data report!"
  • "OMG, the drill down abilities are so amazing! I love that it includes grades and days in membership! I wish I was a principal so I could use this data to work with specific students!"
  • "This program is great! So many things we need all in one place - a teacher's dream!  This is one of the best tools I've seen from TPS."
  • "Love it - great visuals that are understandable for parents. Plus, it's good to have all information on one page."

Our team

Sean Berkstresser
Director of Data Strategy

Stephen Fedore
Chief Information and Analytics Officer

Travis McClanahan
Data Strategist

Jonathan McIlroy
Manager of District Performance

Holden Mitchell
Data Strategist

Zach Osman
Data Strategist

Jim Provenzano
Senior Data Strategist

Jennifer Santangelo
Data Strategist

Jeremy White
Data Strategist

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Contact Us

Data Lab
918-746-NERD (6373)

Students working on laptops and wearing headsets

voices from our schools

This is incredible. I love having all of my data in one location!                                              - Tulsa teacher

This is the most AMAZING resource I've had for the four years I've been teaching! What an idea - to gather all important and relevant information on students and teachers in one location that is easily accessible! Thank you for causing a dream to become reality.                                                   - Tulsa teacher


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