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Panorama Surveys

Panorama Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Perception Surveys are designed to help us better serve our students. By understanding social-emotional competencies and perceptions of school, we can serve and support students at the deepest level.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Surveys

  • Help us understand how students process emotions and respond to stress
  • The Panorama Student SEL Surveys are conducted in both the fall and spring semesters

Student and Teacher Perception Surveys

  • Allow teachers and school leaders to understand perceptions and school culture
  • These surveys are conducted once per year, in the fall semester

Panorama Survey Sample Questions

Contact Us

Katy Ackley
Executive Director of Educator Effectiveness and Professional Learning

Sheila Armstrong
Director of Leadership Development and Pathways

Melissa Ihde
Director of Teacher Development and Pathways

Jamie Lomax
Director of Organizational Learning and Equity 

Jana Rodriguez
Principal Coach

Denita White
Equity Content Manager

Nathaniel Howland
Educator Effectiveness Program Manager

Jasmine Willis-Wallace
Program Operations Manager

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