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Tulsa Model for Observation & Evaluation

In 2010, Tulsa Public Schools embarked on a new teacher and leader effectiveness initiative now called the Tulsa Model for Teacher Observation and Evaluation.  It is based upon current research and best practices—with authorship and input from Oklahoma's teachers and administrators. 

Now in use by 499 districts across Oklahoma, value of the Tulsa Model’s framework and processes depend upon the lessons we learn from teachers and evaluators implementing the processes as well as rigorous, independent research. As such, we welcome your frank and thoughtful input about its effectiveness. We read and listen gratefully to your comments and are actively seeking opportunities to test the usefulness and efficacy of the system’s observation and evaluation practices. Together we can optimize the effectiveness of the Tulsa Model’s TLE Observation and Evaluation System and its ability to positively impact student achievement across Oklahoma.

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Contact Us

Katy Ackley
Executive Director of Educator Effectiveness and Professional Learning

Sheila Armstrong
Director of Leadership Development and Pathways

Melissa Ihde
Director of Teacher Development and Pathways

Jamie Lomax
Director of Organizational Learning and Equity 

Jana Rodriguez
Principal Coach

Karesha Solomon
Principal Coach

Denita White
Equity Academic Content Manager

Drew Robinson
Professional Learning Program Manager

Nathaniel Howland
Educator Effectiveness Program Manager