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We create and maintain quality learning environments for every student, every day, without exception.

The facilities team manages more than 8.3 million square feet of enclosed building space throughout 98 schools and other buildings. An extensive behind-the-scenes operation keeps our school buildings in tip-top shape for learning every day.

Our dedicated team of custodians, grounds, and maintenance technicians provides expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance. We use InSite by Sodexo to constantly monitor and assess quality and cost of repair work.




Facilities is committed to Destination Excellence with:
  • 630+ acres mowed weekly
  • 35,899+ work orders received annually
  • 8.3 million+ square feet cleaned daily
  • 2,800+ classrooms
  • 33.6% energy savings since 2010



Safe and Healthy Schools

Improving quality of life for our students

Vision Tulsa Safety 1st Initiative


Vision Tulsa is a tax renewal package passed by voters in 2016. It was created to address Tulsa’s public safety and streets needs while also investing in economic development. 

The Safety 1st Initiative will provide funds for safety improvements at 82 Tulsa Public Schools sites.

The funds are planned to go toward:

  • sidewalks 
  • lighting 
  • crosswalk striping
  • signage
  • traffic lights where warranted 
  • other school-by-school needs to help children walk to and from school safely 

The City of Tulsa selected Lee Engineering to perform a public school safety assessment at each location. The safety assessment will provide each school with a complete safety analysis, including site visit findings, improvement recommendations, and any signal or flashing beacon warrant studies.

Phase I

Vision Tulsa will perform the following services during phase 1: 

  • review potential safety enhancement locations identified and prioritized by schools
  • identify and confirm pedestrian and bicycle routes to schools
  • conduct field reviews and assess potential sidewalk and crosswalk safety issues
  • perform traffic counts, pedestrian counts, & signal warrant analysis at certain sites
  • perform traffic circulation studies for student drop-off and pick-up
  • identify school crossing guard locations
  • perform lighting analysis to identify street and pedestrian lighting needs

Phase II

During phase II, Vision Tulsa will produce construction drawings in accordance with recommendations for site assessments. This phase will begin after the first school site assessments have been completed.
A comprehensive report will be issued for each location that will include a list of immediate needs covered by the current Vision package, and a list of long term improvements to be included in future funding initiatives.  
The City of Tulsa is working on a timeline for the anticipated start date for these safety improvements.

Up with Trees

Tulsa Public Schools properties include over 4,200 trees on more than 400 plantable acres, constituting an overall canopy coverage of 5%. Our goal is to achieve a canopy coverage of 10% for each of our campuses.

With a generous donation from the Holliman Family Foundation and working with the bond department on upcoming construction projects, Up With Trees will be able to help us meet this goal by planting in conjunction with the Tree School education program.

Data shows that trees contribute to educational development through increased attendance rates, improved social skills and personal efficacy, and decreased misbehavior in the classroom. These trees provide beauty, shade, and benefit air and water quality, energy savings, wildlife, public health, and the socioeconomic strength of Tulsa.

Children, planting, tree, shovels

We are working with Up With Trees to:

  • form a committee to develop a Master Tree Plan for the district
  • seek a waiver from the new city ordinance
  • conduct stakeholder interviews
  • evaluate, assess, and inventory the individual trees on school campuses 
  • maintain the current tree canopy
  • plant more than 2,000 trees
  • educate students about the urban forest around them
  • enhance every school campus in the district
  • identify the best location to plant trees to help conserve energy and provide shade on the playgrounds

Trees planted in the fall of 2017 at:

  • McLain
  • Gilcrease
  • Bell and Bell Primary 
  • Ross Food Forrest
  • Burroughs

Trees to be planted in the spring of 2018 at:

  • Hamilton
  • Hawthorne
  • Tulsa MET
  • East Central High School
  • Carver

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Contact Us

1555 N 77th E Ave
Tulsa, OK 74115

Sue Ann Bell
Facilities Director

Jason Coan
Maintenance Manager

Jay Oates
Grounds Manager

Brenda Royal
Plant Operation Manager

AnnMarie Hayden
Customer Service Manager


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Energy management

Tulsa Public Schools is committed to helping conserve our planet through the reduction our carbon footprint.

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We are hiring workers for our maintenance, grounds, and plant operation teams.

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