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Energy Management

The energy management team serves Tulsa Public Schools with guidance, knowledge, and the opportunity to help protect our planet through reduction of the district's carbon footprint. Our efforts help save education dollars for students, teachers, school leaders, families, and community members.

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Energy management is committed to Destination Excellence with:

  • 55 locations have met Energy Star qualifications for certification
  • Program savings between January 2010 - June 2017:
    • 33.6% of the district's energy costs
  • Cumulative greenhouse gas reduction:
    • energy reduction impact: 817,059 MMBTU and 115,510 equiv. metric tons of CO2
  • This is equivalent to:
    • passenger cars not driven for one year: 24,064
    • tree seedlings grown for 10 years: 2,961,783



Classroom Energy Management

Energy Guidelines for the Classroom

We ask that our team members follow some easy guidelines to help conserve energy during the school- and work-day:

  • close classroom doors when heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) is operating
  • shut off all computers each night including monitor, local printer, and speakers (network equipment is excluded)
  • turn off all unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas
  • make certain that lights are off when you leave work spaces empty
  • utilize natural lighting where appropriate
  • turn off gymnasium/auditorium lights when not in use
  • turn off lights when student and staff leave for the day
  • report any water leaks to the facilities office
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Thermostat Settings

Spring and summer months

  • Occupied* set points: 74° - 78° F
  • Unoccupied set point: 80° F

Fall and winter months

  • Occupied* set points: 68° - 72° F
  • Unoccupied set point: 60° F

Always adjust thermostats to the appropriate setting in building and mobile classrooms based upon the occupancy level of the space: 

  • set thermostats equipped with a fan option to the "auto" position
  • the fan switch should never be set to the "On" position
  • do not switch thermostat to "Off" at anytime
  • set thermostat to either "cool" or "heat" mode

*Occupied refers to the school day when students are present.

Multi-Day Breaks

The biggest energy savings opportunities for our district during the school year are the multi-day breaks. These are defined as any period of time longer than a weekend. They are associated with holidays and fall, winter, and spring breaks.

Turn off/unplug the following items:

  • calculators/adding machines
  • coffee pots
  • copiers
  • decorative lighting
  • desk clocks
  • education toys
  • electronic microscopes
  • fans
  • interactive boards
  • lamps
  • laptops
  • microwave ovens
  • mini-refrigerators (empty and defrost them)
  • power strips
  • printers
  • radios/CD players

Special Accommodations

Contact the energy specialist for your site regarding educational animals, reptiles, and plants requiring HVAC during multi-day breaks.

Space heaters are not permitted in instructional classrooms or offices.

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Facilities Utilization

Weeknight 5:00 pm to 6:00 am and weekend events must be coordinated 10 days in advance with the facilities utilization office or submitted through School Dude.

Visit the Rent a Facility page and follow the instructions under Rental Requests.

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