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Partner Guide

Tulsa is a city of learning! Our students spend seven hours a day for 180 days a year in the classroom but spend nearly double that learning and developing in other settings.

Expanded learning programs like those offered throughout Tulsa provide young people with new and enriching learning experiences that offer them opportunities to make friends, practice new skills, become leaders, and more. Additionally, expanded learning programs provide critical support for working families, helping to support our Tulsa economy.

At Tulsa Public Schools, we believe that in the before school, after school, and summer space it is a core part of our support for students to provide equitable access to expanded learning opportunities that are hands-on, fun, and spark curiosity. And we know we can only accomplish this in partnership. This is why we are working to expand our network of community partners to provide expanded learning opportunities that bring the real world to our students.

We cannot do this without you! This site is designed to support community organizations in becoming partners with Tulsa Public Schools. In each section you will find:

  • Foundational information about what we mean about each area of partnership
  • Clear guidance on what you need to do in order to partner with the district – both what is required and what partnering opens up for you

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