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Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) at Tulsa Public Schools provides technology solutions that drive our journey to Destination Excellence. By unleashing the power of of technology, we foster a culture of continuous improvement and embrace the idea that every individual is a learner, contributor, and designer. We strive to provide a variety of technology services to meet our diverse customer needs and create cutting-edge learning environments for our students and teachers.

High school students using laptop computers in classroom.

Classroom experience

Our schools are filled with eager, energetic, and innovative 21st century learners. We recognize the importance of technology in the classroom when it comes to engaging young people in the learning process. The IT team supports our teachers and school leaders to use technology in a way that further enriches each child's learning experience.

Memorial JH student poses with computer in background.

integrating Technology into schools and classrooms

We strive to provide technology that adds value to student learning experiences. Some recent classroom technology includes:

Kerr elementary students using tablets.

Extending the classroom experience

Technology helps to ensure that learning never stops. We are committed to using technology to close learning gaps and increase equity for our students

Through the Sprint 1Million Project, many of our families will have access to mobile hotspots - providing them high-speed internet access.*

Student Privacy

At Tulsa Public Schools, we value our students' privacy rights. Our teachers, staff, and administrators comply with federal privacy standards including CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA in a continuous effort to always protect the privacy of our most precious assets: our students.

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*For information on the Sprint 1Million Project, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Contact Us

IT Service Desk

Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm

"What we're really doing is preparing students for jobs that don't exist and to use technologies, sciences, and methods we haven't discovered yet to solve problems that we haven't identified yet."

- Jamie Casp, Education Evangelist at Google

Unleash Technology


IT by the Numbers

We work to equip every student and school with great tools for learning. In the 2018-2019 school year, our schools will have:

3,800 interactive displays 

Every classroom in our district will be equipped with interactive displays to support delivery of instruction. Schools are transitioning to Interactive Flat Display Panels.

40,000 devices

Every student in our district has access to devices, which include Chromebooks and tablets.

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