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Language Assistance Services

All parents have the right to receive information about their child's education in a language they understand, through translated materials or a language interpreter, and to adequate notice of information about any program, service, or activity. 

Tulsa Public Schools provides professional language assistance services, including interpretation (oral) and translation (written), to parents and guardians who may have limited English proficiency, at no cost to them. 

When a child enrolls in Tulsa Public Schools, we ask parents about the language they would like to use when communication with the school. This information helps our schools identify the language needs so they can provide an interpreter or translated documents. 

Only those with approval by the district can provide translation and interpretation services. This may include staff, volunteers, or contract providers. 

We discourage the use of family members and friends for the provision of language assistance services, the use of such individuals would be a violation of interpretation and translation practices. 

A minor child may never interpret or translate. 


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Language Assistance
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Language Learners in Tulsa Public Schools

33% of the total student enrollment speak a language other than English.
There are more than 78 languages spoken in our district and 93% speak Spanish.