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What's the difference between dual language and immersion?

Dual Language Programs

What is it?
Students are taught in two languages over the course of the school day.
One-way dual language programs
All students enrolled in the program speak the same native language and receive dual instruction in the same target language 

Two-way dual language programs Students in the program speak two different native languages and instruction is in both of these languages.

How does it work?
Students learn to read first in their dominant language. Then, they spend equal amounts of time studying Language Arts in English and in Spanish. Math is taught in English, and Science and Social Studies are taught in Spanish. Students build fluency and comprehension through daily interactions in both languages with both English and Spanish dominant students. 

Language immersion Programs

What is it?
Students are taught primarily in the target (non-native) language. Tulsa Public Schools offers immersion programs in French and Spanish.
Immersion is  a one-way language learning program
Most students are monolingual or dominant in English at the time of enrollment. 

How does it work?
The process of “immersing” students in another language for classroom learning allows students to naturally learn the target language. Teachers in immersion classrooms are either native speakers of the target language or demonstrate near-native proficiency. Since students begin the process in early elementary school, their brains are physiologically primed for language learning and they learn the second language proficiently with a near-native accent. Over time, instruction in English is gradually added and, by 5th grade, students are learning 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in the target language.

Which schools offer dual language and immersion programs?

Tulsa Public Schools offers dual language and immersion programs at eight schools throughout the district.

Dual Language Academy and Celia Clinton Elementary 
Two-way language program comprising 50% Spanish dominant students and 50% English dominant students.

Springdale, Sequoyah, Kendall-Whittier, and Skelly Elementary Schools
Students in these one-way dual language programs are 100% Spanish dominant and are taught in English and Spanish.

Zarrow International School
Students in this immersion program are English dominant and are taught entirely in Spanish.

Eisenhower International School
English dominant students are offered immersion programs in either Spanish or French.

What do parents and families say about our programs?

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The dual language program was not around when my daughter started school. She does not read or write in Spanish and prefers to speak mostly in English. But after years in the dual language program, my son is able to read documents in both languages and communicates very well to all of our family members. He helps me so much and I'm really proud of that.
Proud Parent, Skelly Elementary School

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What I love about Eisenhower is that the teachers come from all over the world. The students learn the languages with authentic accents and learn many cultures at the same time.
- Jeanne Hunt, Parent, Eisenhower International 

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Our son [has] Autism Spectrum Disorder and Zarrow gave him something new to focus on by learning Spanish. The staff have always been approachable and when necessary, they reach out to us. When we walk through the doors of Zarrow, it feels like an extended family. One feels a sense that everyone is there for our children.
Hilerey Sample Polliard, Parent, Zarrow International

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My friends and relatives often compliment me on how well my children communicate in Spanish.
Proud parent, Skelly Elementary School

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Dual Language Academy creates the opportunity for all children to be bilingual and creates endless opportunities for new experiences. - Proud Parent, Dual Language Academy

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Director of Dual Language and Immersion
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