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Indian Education

Tulsa Public Schools' Indian Education Program provides resources, support, and opportunities for students, families, teachers, and school leaders to engage in cultural and educational experiences linked to heritage. We offer tutoring, school supplies, cultural services, academic, and other services for native students. Please explore the links below to learn more.

Indian Education Supports

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a student become eligible for services through the Tulsa Public Schools’ Indian Education program?

To receive Indian Education services, students must first be enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools. Then, the student's parent/guardian must complete a 506 form and return it to the Indian Education office. You must also provide the student’s tribal membership card.

Can a student be multi-racial and still qualify for the Indian Education program at Tulsa Public Schools?

Yes, multi-racial students can qualify for Indian Education services.  Be sure to check the “I” for American Indian along with any other race(s) your child may identify with when filling out enrollment forms.

What services does the Tulsa Public Schools’ Indian Education department offer?

The Indian Education department offers several services to our enrolled students. Services include basic school supplies, cultural activities, after school tutoring, and site-based tutoring at certain schools (Bell, Disney, Hamilton, and Mark Twain).

Where do I pick up school supplies during the school year?

School supplies may be picked up Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Indian Education office. 

Tulsa Public Schools Indian Education
7635 East 42nd Place
Tulsa, OK 74145

How does Tulsa Public Schools Indian Education program receive funding to provide services to students?

The Indian Education programs at Tulsa Public Schools are made possible by two federally funded grants – Title VI and Johnson O’Malley (JOM).  These grants provide educational services and supplemental programs to students with Native American heritage.

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