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Seal of Biliteracy

Are you a sophomore, junior, or senior who can speak another language in addition to English?
Apply for the Tulsa Public Schools Seal of Biliteracy award by October 29!

Click here to apply

What do I need in order to qualify?

  1. A test score that shows your English skills:
    • This could include the SAT, ACT, ACCESS, etc. (More info here.)
  2. A test score that shows your skills in another language:
    • This test will be given at your high school in the fall/winter (November-January) to students who fill out the application by Sunday, October 29, 2023. The test has four sections: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If you score an "Intermediate-mid" level or higher on all four sections, this qualifies you.

How do I know if my language skills are close to the Intermediate-Mid level?

  • Click here for explanations of what the "Intermediate-mid" level is for speaking, writing, listening, and reading comprehension.
  • Click here to see descriptions of levels with strategies on how to advance to the next level. (Levels I-3 and higher qualify for the Seal.)
  • Click here for example videos and comparisons of Intermediate-low vs. Intermediate-mid speaking levels in Spanish. (Intermediate-mid and Intermediate-high qualify for the Silver Seal of Biliteracy.)
  • Click here for a description of Advanced-low, the level that qualifies you for the Gold Seal of Biliteracy.

How can I prepare for the speaking section?

  • If you didn't grow up speaking the language and you're nervous about the speaking portion of the test, here is a great way to prepare! Use this activity with a partner to practice speaking and to keep track of what your level is. Use the strategies on this rubric to keep improving.

How can I prepare for the writing section?

  • Study lists of academic words and phrases or simple transition words that are commonly used in essays (in the language that you will be testing in), and practice using them in your writing. This could bump you up to the next level.
  • Use these skill-building tips (Scroll down to Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • Use this rubric for Intermediate Mid or this one for Intermediate High /Advanced Low to reflect on your writing and help you set goals.