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HealthChoice Basic PPO

Based on your selection, the HealthChoice Basic PPO plan might be a good option for you. This plan is ideal for employees who are looking to save on monthly premiums and, in exchange, are willing to take a larger out-of-pocket risk. The Basic plan is considered major medical coverage only.

The Basic plan pays the first $500 of medical expenses for all covered services. If you don’t spend the full $500 in a plan year, then you never pay anything to a provider out-of-pocket.


Plan details

Annual Deductible $1000
Coinsurance 50%
Maximum out-of-pocket costs per individual per year $4,000

Common traits shared by all PPO plans

  • Deductible – a specified amount of money the member pays before the health plan will start to pay for medical costs and procedures.
  • Coinsurance – the percentage of the cost due to the provider after insurance payment is made. Coinsurance is paid by the employee.
  • In-network and out-of-network providers – using in-network providers lowers the employee’s out-of-pocket responsibility.
  • Plan year maximum – the total dollar amount that a member could pay per year. After the plan year maximum is paid, the insurance plan pays 100% of additional costs.

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