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Life and Disability Insurance

Protect your assets

Life and disability insurance policies are important assets to have in your financial tool belt. At Tulsa Public Schools, we offer group term life insurance as well as long-term disability to protect your most valuable asset: your income. Employees also have the option to purchase short term disability insurance.

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Life insurance benefits

Tulsa Public Schools pays 1.5 times your annual salary or $20,000, whichever is more, for full-time permanent employees.

Helpful Information

Life insurance coverage options

The district provides life insurance for any eligible employee. We will pay 1.5 times your annual salary or $20,000, whichever is more, for full-time permanent employees. The state of Oklahoma offers additional life insurance at a cost. 

Life insurance policy documentation

Tulsa Public Schools offers $20,000 in basic life insurance and $20,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance to all eligible employees. You may also enroll in supplemental life insurance during open enrollment held yearly each fall. 

Certificate of Group Life Insurance

Long term disability policy documentation

The links below will allow you to access our long term disability policy documentation. 

Filing a long-term disability claim

If you have been disabled for the requisite period listed on the Symetra Long Term Disability policy, please complete this form and return it to Compensation and Benefits

Short term disability coverage options

Short term disability insurance is available through American Fidelity.

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