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Paid Time Off

  • Sick Time:  
    • Full Time Support employees may earn up to twelve (12) sick days per year throughout the fiscal year 
    • Certified Teachers – earn up to (10) sick days per year at the beginning of the school year and an additional 20 Sub-Deduct Days – These days allow a teacher to receive their daily contract rate less the rate paid for a non-certified substitute 
  • Personal Time:  
    • Hourly Support employees are provided with up to three (3) days per year. Must be employed with the district for 1 (one) year to receive personal days – Unused days will roll to sick time at the change of fiscal year.  
    • Exempt Support employees are provided with five (5) days per year – Unused days will roll to sick time at the change of fiscal year 
    • Certified Teachers are provided with five (5) days per year – the first four (4) are no cost to the teacher. The fifth (5th) day is at the teacher’s daily contract amount less the lowest daily substitute pay rate – Unused days will roll to sick time at the change of the fiscal year 
  • Vacation Time: 
    • All permanent twelve (12) month hourly support employees who are eligible to earn vacation based on their years of service with the district:
      • 0 – 4 years – up to ten (10) days per year 
      • 5 - 8 years – up to fifteen (15) days per year 
      • 9 or more years – up to twenty (20) days per year 
    • All permanent twelve (12) month exempt employees are eligible to earn up to twenty (20) days per year 
  • Holiday Time:  
    • All full-time, permanent twelve (12) month employees will receive holiday pay for: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, Winter Break as observed by the Education Service Center; including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Martin L. King Day, Presidents Day, Friday of Spring Break, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. The actual date of the holiday will be listed on the fiscal school calendar 
    • Full time permanent support employees, who work less than twelve (12) months with three (3) or more years of service as of July 1, will be paid for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and one (1) more day of holiday pay with payment to be made in the first bi-weekly check in January 

Please refer to our 2022-2023 Contract Data Sheets for certified and support employees for additional information on contracted days