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Investing for your future

We know that our team members dedicate countless hours to improving outcomes for our students, and we value every minute they commit to Tulsa Public Schools. When it comes time for retirement, we're here to support you and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement

What is the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System?

The Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System is the retirement plan for school district employees in the state of Oklahoma. As a state employee, you put 7% of your annual salary into the system each year. After seven years of contributions, you will be vested, which means that at retirement age you will be guaranteed a retirement check. Learn more about the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System.

Teachers are required to contribute. Support staff have the option of participating and can enroll at any time during their employment.

Are other retirement savings plans available?

Tulsa Public Schools employees are eligible to participate in a 403b plan with National Benefits Services (NBS) as well as a 457 plan. To enroll in a 457 plan, please contact the Benefits team for a Fidelity Packet.

How do I retire?

If you are contributing to Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System, you need to contact them six months before the date of your retirement. Learn more about retirement timelines and steps to retirement.

Can I keep my insurance after separating from the district?

Depending on your circumstance, there are several ways to keep your insurance when you separate from the district.

  • COBRA allows most employees to maintain group health insurance and take over paying their own premiums after a separation. 
  • If you have worked for Tulsa Public Schools for 10 years or more, insurance may be available to you after separating from the district through the state of Oklahoma. For more information, contact us.

What happens to my sick days when I retire?

Employees who leave the district after a minimum of 10 years of continuous service shall be paid for accrued sick day days at the rate of $30 per day. Payout rates are as follows:

  • Employees with 10-15 years of service receive 50% of the daily rate
  • Employees with 16 years of service receive 60% of the daily rate
  • Employees with 17 years of service receive 70% of the daily rate
  • Employees with 18 years of service receive 80% of the daily rate
  • Employees with 19 years of service receive 90% of the daily rate
  • Employees with 20+ years of service receive 100% of the daily rate

Employees who resign from the district or who are terminated for criminal activity are not eligible for sick day payout. 

Who can I contact to discuss my retirement?

Compensation and Benefits 
3027 S. New Haven Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74114

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