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Teacher Transfer List

The transfer period for current teachers is open annually from October until the end of June. If you are a current teacher who is interested in transferring to a new school for the 2024-2025 school year, you must place yourself on the transfer list by completing the transfer application linked on the righthand side of this page.

Please note that placing yourself on the transfer list does not guarantee that you will be transferred to a new school site. Rather, placing yourself on the list ensures that your name and contact information is visible to principals looking to hire new teachers for their schools.

Tips for securing a transfer:

  • Be thorough in your explanation of your reason(s) for seeking a transfer. This includes supplying a resume and references to help a prospective school get to know you and your work.
  • Be mindful that all principals, including your current principal, will be able to view your transfer application.
  • Because Talent Management does not facilitate the transfer interview process, we strongly recommend that you reach out to schools you are interested in to express your interest in being considered for potential openings.

How to Complete a Transfer application:

  1. Click the button at right that corresponds to the type of transfer you're seeking (elementary, secondary (middle and high school), or special education).
  2. Click "Apply" and then log in to the system.
  3. Complete and submit your application. 
  4. If you'd like to put your name on more than one transfer list, you'll have that opportunity once you log in. Note that you'll also be able to indicate your subject area preferences within the transfer application.

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