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Substitute Teachers

Do you want to directly impact students’ lives? Encourage their hopes and dreams? Help them prepare for success in college, the workforce, and life? If so, join the ranks of Tulsa Public Schools' substitute teachers. Substitute teaching can be a part-time job or full-time profession, and you may even want to turn your classroom experience into a career.

Some of the benefits of working as a substitute teacher include:

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Flexible work schedule
Job-embedded training
develop your teaching skills while serving your community
Express your creativity
develop engaging lessons that make learning fun
Find your fit
try out various schools and find your ideal team
Create positive change
Impact student lives through leadership
Teach a variety of subjects
try out different subjects & grade levels 

Becoming a substitute teacher

How do I get started as a substitute teacher?

First, click the apply now button in the right column. 

Once your application is complete and has been submitted, you will receive two emails - one is introductory and the other contains instructions for your online substitute training.

After you've finished the online training, you will receive an email with instructions to sign up for an orientation paperwork session at the Education Service Center.

Please note: Former Tulsa Public Schools full-time teachers who have taught within the last ten years are not required to complete online training.

What are the Requirements?

1. Complete the mandatory substitute online training using the link provided via email after you submit your application.

2. Provide a photocopy of your high school diploma or GED equivalent, college transcript, or teaching certificate (if Oklahoma-certified).

3. Pass the required background checks.

Do I have to submit to a background check?

As a substitute, two background checks are required for employment:

  1. Tulsa Public Schools submits a preliminary background check, at no cost to you, before you begin substitute teaching.
  2. The State Department of Education requires a fingerprint background check processed through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation within 30 days of your first day in the classroom. You will be responsible for paying a fee of $53.94 by check or money order in order to process this background check and continue your employment.

If you have been fingerprinted by another Oklahoma school district within the last five years, and you can obtain a letter of good standing from that district along with the fingerprint results. If you do this, it may not be necessary for you to be fingerprinted again. Fingerprints through other agencies, including law enforcement or for other purposes, are not accepted.

All employment offers are contingent on receiving a clean fingerprint background report.

How much will I get paid?


Substitute Teacher Qualifications  Daily Compensation
Holding a current Oklahoma state teaching certificate $75 per day
Holding a current Oklahoma state teaching certificate and in a long-term assignment (11 or more consecutive days in the same positions) $90 per day
Completed 48 or more college credit hours $65 per day
Completed 47 or less college credit hours $60 per day

How many days per year can I substitute teach?

Maximum number of allowable teaching days

Substitute Teacher Qualifications  Maximum Number of
Substitute Teaching Days
Holding a current Oklahoma state teaching certificate Unlimited
Holding a bachelor's or master's degree 100 days per school year
All other levels of education 90 days per school year

What other monetary benefits will I receive?

Alternative to Social Security - 457 Plan

Substitute teachers and employees in part-time temporary positions participate in an alternative social security tax plan. Employees contribute money normally set aside for social security to a portable savings plan via payroll deduction that is tax-deferred and available when you leave employment with Tulsa Public Schools.

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retired and looking to make a difference?

Substitute teaching is the perfect short- or long-term opportunity for retirees. Teaching allows you to use your skills to impact youth in our community and stay engaged on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Does this sound like the right fit for you? Apply now to join our team!