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Hale Beyond

Hale Beyond is a new way of doing school at Hale High School that will help our students gain career-ready skills and learn in a way that interests them and meets their needs—while having  a mentor to help them along the way. Hale Beyond programming focuses on:

Students in graduation caps and gowns
  • REAL-LIFE SKILLS: Our economy and world are changing fast! Students will be better prepared for new jobs through internships, group projects, and work-based learning with local businesses. 
  • DEEP RELATIONSHIPS AND LIFE MENTORS: Students will have a champion who will get to know them well and meet with them at least once a week.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Every student is different. Students will learn at their own pace and make choices about the progress and timing of their lessons with the support of teachers and computer-based programs. Additionally, teachers will give students more personal support. 
  • SMART USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Computers are the new textbooks. Students will be loaned their own computer or tablet to use for schoolwork and homework.

What will students at Hale Beyond gain?

  • MORE CHOICES mean students will better balance outside work and family responsibilities, while also preparing for college, work, and life.
  • RELATIONSHIPS that connect students more deeply to Hale. They will be heard, known, understood, and supported. Our culture will reflect rising pride in being a Hale Ranger.
  • CONNECTED STUDENTS will feel their education relates to their real lives.
  • REAL-LIFE SKILLS that reflect what new jobs demand.