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TLA Beyond

TLA Beyond is a new way of doing school at Tulsa Learning Academy that will help students better gain career-ready skills and learn in a way that interests them and meets their needs, while having a mentor to help them along the way. TLA Beyond programming focuses on:

Student in graduation gown smiles with diploma
  • REAL-LIFE SKILLS: Students will be better prepared for new jobs through real-world, hands-on projects at local businesses and within the community. Time working on these projects will count as school hours and credit.
  • DEEP RELATIONSHIPS AND LIFE COACHES: Students will have a champion who will get to know them well and meet with them at least once a week.
  • EXPLORING CAREERS: Students need to see real people in real jobs to understand what is possible for them. Your child will see different types of jobs and options for their future.
  • MORE PEER AND TEACHER CONTACT: Many of our students are asking for more in-person contact with teachers and other students. Students can connect with peers and teachers to work on group projects—for credit—at our new school building and outside of school, multiple times a week.

What will students at TLA Beyond gain?

In launching TLA Beyond, the school will move into a new building that offers the space our students deserve. The new school is located next door to the community library, close to community colleges for students who want to take courses, and only five miles from Tulsa Job Corp Center. It’s also minutes from the new Aero Rapid Transit line on Peoria! In addition to a new building, TLA Beyond will provide:

  • MORE CHOICES mean students have more opportunities to prepare for life—and college, technical school, or work.
  • DEEP RELATIONSHIPS mean students will be heard, known, understood, and supported by staff and their peers.
  • CONNECTED STUDENTS will feel their education relates to their real lives, leading to greater engagement with school.
  • REAL-LIFE SKILLS that reflect what new jobs demand.