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Webster Beyond

Webster Beyond is a new way of doing school at Daniel Webster High School that will help our students better gain career-ready skills and learn in a way that interests them and meets their needs—while having a mentor to help them along the way. Webster Beyond programming focuses on:

  • SMALLER STUDENT GROUPS: Every student will be part of a small group called a “house” that meets daily with an adult champion and peers who share their interests.
  • EXPEDITION FRIDAYS: Out-of-school volunteer work and experiences on two Fridays a month will develop the skills needed for new jobs.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Students will learn at their own pace and make choices about the progress and timing of their lessons with the support of teachers and computer-based programs.
  • SMART USE OF TECH: Technology is the new textbook, but our teachers remain the heart of the classroom. Students will be loaned computers or tablets to take home.
Three students in graduation caps and gowns

What will students at WEBSTER Beyond gain?

  • MORE CHOICES mean students will better balance outside work and family responsibilities, while also preparing for college, work, and life.
  • RELATIONSHIPS that connect students more deeply to Webster, their teachers, and each other. Students will be heard, known, understood, and supported. They will have a second home and family.
  • CONNECTED STUDENTS will feel their education relates to their real lives.
  • REAL-LIFE SKILLS that reflect what new jobs demand.