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What does the Tulsa Teacher Corps Program Entail?

Self-guided online coursework

To introduce you to the expectations of teaching, we provide a rigorous online learning experience that you complete on a flexible schedule, from your own home. You’ll learn about the curriculum you will be delivering in your classroom and how to build a vision of excellent instruction. This coursework will also give you more details about what to expect from the program and what you can do to prepare. Additionally, you’ll watch and respond to videos of Tulsa Public Schools teachers, providing you a real-world, dynamic learning experience.

Hands-on training

During an intensive six-week training program working directly with students in a Tulsa Public Schools summer school classroom, you'll develop the skills you need to become a successful teacher, including building a strong classroom culture, creating and delivering challenging lessons, and helping students discover connections between their experiences and academic content. Every step of the way, you'll receive the support and guidance of an experienced Tulsa educator.

Personalized coaching

Ongoing feedback from an experienced teacher coach is critical to developing instructional mastery. The Tulsa Teacher Corps includes a team of supportive coaches who provide ongoing coaching and feedback, helping you hone your craft and deepen your content knowledge.


We will support our corps members to pursue certification through our provisional certification pathway. The State of Oklahoma has specific requirements for earning certification and we work with you to understand those requirements and support you in completing them.


Tulsa's students deserve excellent educators, and we hold corps members to a high bar for success. Those who meet all program requirements and demonstrate that they can help lead students to personal, social, and academic success will be prioritized for a teaching job with Tulsa Public Schools. Tulsa Teacher Corps staff members will support corps members through every step of the process from interviewing through onboarding, helping you find the school community that's right for you.