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How do I know if Tulsa Teacher Corps is right for me?

There are many pathways to teaching and it’s important you choose the one that’s right for you to have the greatest chance at success. Tulsa Teacher Corps is an accelerated training program. You will be learning a lot of content in a very short period of time and are required to take responsibility for your learning. If you are willing to work hard to get better faster, this may be the right program for you.

Spring and Summer Training

During the spring, you will spend about 15-20 hours completing the online coursework on your own schedule. Then, during the 6 weeks of foundational training, you will attend trainings from 8:30 to 3:30 pm weekdays, and spend extra time preparing and practicing delivering lesson plans. Summer training also has high expectations for participation and practice as you will frequently be asked to role play or practice skills and techniques as you learn them.

Focus on Educational Equity

Tulsa Teacher Corps is committed to developing teachers who provide an equitable education to our students. As a corps member, you will be asked to consider ways in which education can be made more equitable, and to take an active role in making those improvements. Your desire to enter the classroom reflects your intention to care for, serve, and support all students. We will support you in exploring ways you can individualize your teaching to respond to the experiences and circumstances of each of your students, and we encourage you to enter the program with an open mind.


Individualized Support

We believe all participants are capable of excellence and will provide supports matched to your individual needs. But your success in the program depends on you. If you believe you can make a difference in Tulsa Public Schools and are ready to work hard to make that happen, we’re excited to have you apply!