School board policies, state law, and federal law establish separate and distinct procedures and forums for the resolution of employee grievances, employee complaints, employee suspensions and terminations, complaints against individual employees, pupil suspensions and appeals, political campaigns, and litigation.

To avoid circumvention of these separate proceedings and to assure fairness to all parties concerned, no person will be allowed to speak regarding the following:

An issue in a pending lawsuit, complaint, or investigation filed with an outside agency, wherein the district, employee(s) or the board is a party;

  • A pending grievance;
  • A pending employee complaint filed with the district or an outside agency;
  • A complaint against individual employee(s);
  • An employee disciplinary action including suspension or termination;
  • A pending pupil disciplinary action including suspension or appeal that may reach the board.

The individual dignity of board members, district employees, students, and members of the public must be respected by all speakers. Board members, employees, students, nor members of the public will be subjected to verbal abuse.

Public comment may take one of two forms: comment concerning items that are on the current agenda or comment concerning issues not on the current agenda. A maximum time limit will be allotted to each individual speaker per meeting – a total of five minutes for speaking to items on the business meeting agenda and five minutes to speak under the Citizens’ Comments portion of the agenda.


The agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board will include an item designated “Citizens’ Comments." The Citizens’ Comments portion of the agenda will be reserved for comments concerning issues not otherwise appearing on an agenda. This portion of the agenda is reserved to provide citizens an opportunity to address the board of education on issues affecting the district and is not intended to provide a forum for commercial, political or similar topics.

An individual wishing to comment during this portion of a meeting must personally sign and submit a completed request form with all supporting documents to the Clerk of the Board seven calendar days before the meeting at which the individual wishes to speak. The forms are available online or from the clerk of the board of education. Each individual requesting to speak must complete the form and sign verifying they have read instructions regarding citizens’ comments.

Generic topics will not be accepted. The topic listed on the request form must be brief but specific enough to satisfy posting requirements under state law. The topic should be worded so an ordinary individual may understand what the topic is about. The topic language submitted by the citizen will be reviewed and approved or disapproved by the attorney for the school district. Individuals will also indicate on the form if they are speaking on their own behalf or on behalf of a group. Speakers will be notified regarding approval or disapproval of their request. The Superintendent or designee will address speakers' specific issues or concerns within 60 days.

A total time limit of five minutes during the Citizens’ Comments portion of the agenda will apply to each speaker during a meeting regardless of the number of topics on which the individual requests to speak.

Speakers are encouraged to provide the board with a written outline of their comments to be made available to them before or at the meeting.

Complete and submit the form below.

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(Subject to approval by School District attorney)​
I have received the guidelines concerning citizens’ comments at School Board meetings.​

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