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Bond Projects

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The bond projects going on at Tulsa Public Schools are made possible by the generous support of Tulsa voters. We appreciate your continued investment in our students and schools!

We are passionate about our work to help ensure that all Tulsa Public Schools are safe, supportive, learning environments and that all our students and staff are equipped with the highest possible quality learning resources!

The bond office works collaboratively with all schools and departments to plan and complete bond funded projects supporting all members of the Tulsa Public School community. Projects range from the construction of major school additions and school-wide remodels to the purchase of a wide range of classroom materials like microscopes, textbooks, computers, kilns, tumbling mats and much more

In addition to planning with district schools, departments and teams, the bond office works closely with city, state and national organizations and with local community groups on the development and deployment of school bond projects.

What's Happening Around The District

What are school bonds?

Bonds for school projects are very similar to a home mortgage. To finance construction projects and equipment purchases, the district sells bonds to investors who will be paid back principal and interest over time, with funds raised through property taxes.

School bonds begin with a general election to authorize a specific amount for projects specified on the ballot. The schools district sells them as municipal bonds, typically twice a year, when funds are needed for building projects or equipment and resources. Bids are taken from interested buyers, usually large institutional investors, and are sold at the lowest interest rate offered.

How can school bond money be used?

Proceeds from schools bonds can be used for capital expenditures including the acquisition of land, construction of building projects like classrooms, stadiums and libraries as well as remodeling of existing school facilities. Funds can also be used for the purchase of buses, equipment and materials including textbooks, computers and networking, musical instruments, science materials and other teaching resources.

Current Bond Projects


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Contact Us

Chris Hudgins
Executive Director of Bond Projects & Energy Management


Paula Elam
Bond Office Manager, 
Bidding and contracts


Bond Projects Team 

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By the Numbers 

The 2015 bond package secured funding for school improvements and technology for our students!

$415 million approved by voters

$101 million spent so far

27 construction projects completed

Picture of hallway in the new classroom & shelter addition at Kerr Elementary

Featured Project

Kerr Elementary safe room addition.

This room can protect all students, staff, and guests if a tornado threatens the school. It has walls, ceiling and doors that can withstand 250 mph wind. It includes ventilation and power features. The room meets FEMA standards.

We do our best to keep our kids and staff safe. Thank you for your help.