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Rent a District Facility

We approve community requests after September 1 each year.

We provide over 70 facilities for the community to use for events. Civic, cultural, educational, literary, political, religious, recreational or scientific organizations may use school facilities. The organization's use of the facility must meet the requirements of district policy and regulation.

Examples of possible events:

  • Camps
  • Neighborhood meetings
  • Pageants (fashion/talent shows)
  • Receptions
  • Religious Meetings
  • Reunions (class, family)
  • Sports
  • Theatrical events (dance/musical recitals, plays)
  • Weddings

Tulsa Public Schools events have priority over community organizations to use our facilities.



Rental requests

Request a facility online


Online reservation and facility request instructions

If additional assistance is needed, contact the facilities utilization office at 918-746-6534.

Requests are routed to the principal of the site you selected, then to the appropriate district staff for activation. 

  • Submit request at least 10 business days before the event to allow time for the approval process. 
  • Notification of event cancellations must be submitted in writing at least 2 business days before your event or charges still apply.


Special Conditions


The stagecraft director must be contacted at the school before the event.  If student assistants are needed, they are to be paid cash at the time of the event.  Charges for the director's services will be invoiced. (Contact us for current charges).


Charges for the cafeteria personnel required for the use of kitchen facilities will be invoiced separately by child nutrition.


Debris must be picked up after each use or additional charges will be billed.  Parking is not permitted on the grass or sidewalks.


Refer to the document, "Stadium Regulations for Community Users," in the documents tab above the Community Use Calendar.



Please complete and submit form to receive a quote.

Actual charges will be based on the information provided in the approved request submitted to the facilities utilization department.


Insurance Requirements:

Licensee agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the school district, its agents, its employees, volunteers, third party vendors and security services from any and all liability regardless of the source and regardless of the type of claim which may occur or arise out of, directly or indirectly, the Licensee's occupancy and use of the school district's facilities. In addition to the foregoing release and indemnity, and not in lieu therefore, licensee shall furnish the school district, not less than 72 hours prior to use of the district's facilities and equipment, with a certificate of insurance showing that there is in force a combined single limit liability policy in the amount of at least $1 million in which licensee is named as insured and the school district (Tulsa Public Schools, ISD #1) is named as an additional insured. Licensee's insurance will be considered primary to any insurance carried by Tulsa Public Schools.

Certificate Holder Information:

Tulsa Public Schools, ISD #1
Attn: Facilities Utilization Department
P O Box 470208
Tulsa OK  74147-0208


Contact campus police to determine the security needs for your event.

Maj. Virgil Green

Education Service Center
3027 S New Haven Ave, Rm 104
Tulsa, OK
918-746-6436 fax 

Charges for security services will be invoiced by campus police. 



Leasing a School Bus

bus driver checks inspection list before morning route

To lease a school bus, contact Transportation Department.

Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy

Our professional development center is also here to serve your meeting and conference needs. We work diligently to ensure your meeting, conference, retreat or other event is highly successful. The customer is our priority! We provide not only well-equipped space to host your event, but extraordinary additional services.

Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy 

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Contact Us

Facilities Utilization team
Education Service Center
3027 S New Haven Ave, Rm 523
Tulsa, OK

918-746-6534 office
918-746-6565 fax

Linda Caine
Facilities Utilization Specialist

Wanda Sizemore
Clerical Assistant