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Hale Junior High

Exterior of Hale Junior High

Hale Junior High

2177 S. 67 E. Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
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Phone: 918-746-9260
Interim Principal: Mark Cole
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Student population


Extra-Curricular Activites


Pre-Advanced Placement Offerings


Athletic programs


At Hale Junior High School, we focus on creating great learning experiences through our core values of respect, accountability, and perseverance. In addition to strong academic programming, we offer many elective courses including choir, band, orchestra, Spanish, and technology. Our 21st century learners engage in a digital curriculum in both math and English, allowing them to explore traditional learning in new and exciting ways. Currently, we also offer more than 15 after school clubs for students to attend.


  • Participate in one or more of our 15 Extra-Curricular activities;
  • Build ownership of their own learning by tracking their academic progress toward their personal goals; and
  • Participate in monthly family nights where parents and loved ones can be part of their learning experiences.


Hale Junior High students work in the hallway together.

Teach to One Math

Our Teach to One Math program is an innovative instructional model that provides individualized math curriculum for each student. By personalizing the experience, students are able to have more ownership, which empowers them throughout the learning process. Our students are accelerating their learning with a combination of approaches aligned to how they learn best.

The teachers are great! They care about you and make you feel like you are welcome. I get to have fun with my classmates, learn, and work together every day.”Hale Junior High School student



Extra-curricular activities or clubs

  • Bike Club
  • Chef Club
  • Discovery Club
  • Green Stem
  • Grow Tulsa
  • Hale Film Society
  • Hale Junior High Presenters
  • Life Skills
  • Mind Lab
  • Robo Masters
  • Sports U
  • The Reverse Selfie Project
  • The Young Designers

Athletic Programs

  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Soccer
Trophies in display cases at Hale Junior High School.


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Hale Junior High exterior photo