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Monroe Demonstration Academy

Monroe Demostration AcademY

2010 E. 48th St. N.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74130
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Phone: 918-833-8900
Interim Principal: Rob Kaiser
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Student population


Extra-Curricular offerings


Athletic programs


Monroe Demonstration Academy offers our scholars unique opportunities to engage in real-world learning through the micro-society model as productive members of our micro society, Monrovia. Monroe scholars are encouraged to search for real-world applications for their learning, and our teachers use technology and project-based learning to create true 21st century academic experiences. In our micro society, each scholar holds a job and contributes to the health and success of Monrovia, learning about citizenship, different professions, life skills, budgeting, and personal finance.

Students also build strong relationships with each other and with their teachers through our TRIBES program, which places a strong emphasis on school community as a support and assuring the healthy development for day-to-day struggles our scholars may face.

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What is Micro Society?

Micro Society is an innovative curriculum that simulates real-world economic systems. Micro Society students gain years of experience solving real world problems, thinking critically, collaborating in diverse teams and connecting subject matter and experiences in ways that foster creativity. From the time they enter the building each day, they are citizens aiming to achieve sustainable change in their world and ours.


  • Be a teacher, lawyer, real estate agent, banker, business owner, or even mayor in our Monrovia micro-society
  • Select from a wide variety of specialty courses and programs, including AP courses and electives
  • Interact with a diverse group of peers, teachers, and school staff in a safe and engaging school environment


As a student at Monroe, I am given the opportunity to thrive, be successful, and become who I want to be. We are fortunate to have supportive teachers and experience opportunities that other students don’t get. I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned during my time at Monroe. Monroe Demonstration Academy alumnus



Extra-curricular activities or clubs

  • Band
  • Bike Club
  • Debate Club
  • Drama Club
  • Vocal Music Club

Athletic Programs

  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Cheer
  • Football
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Volleyball

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The front office at Monroe Demonstration