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Rogers Middle School

Outside view of the front of Rogers

Rogers Middle school

3909 E. 5 Pl.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112
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Phone: 918-833-9000
Principal: Nicolette Dennis
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Student population


Extra-Curricular offerings


Athletic programs


Since 2011, Rogers has been the district’s flagship early college academy. Our school focuses not only on helping students get into college but also preparing them to successfully graduate with a degree. All junior high students are enrolled in either Mastering the Middle Grades, a specialized class focused on helping students cultivate the self-regulatory skills necessary for college and career success, or athletics. In addition, students select another elective, such as art, drama, band, orchestra, chorus, Spanish, Russian, French, German, PE, or technology.

All students at Will Rogers must apply to be accepted to Grade 6 (and Grade 7 or 8 if they didn't attend Rogers the previous year) and then again apply in Grade 8 (Semester 2) to be accepted to Grade 9. Good grades and an above-average reading score are considered. The window to apply for acceptance for 2021-22 is January 5 through February 12, 2021.

Junior High students have the opportunity to take several classes in Grade 8 for High School credit, including Algebra I, Drama, Art, languages, and technology.

At Rogers, we celebrate diversity and value multiple languages. Students in Grades 6 and 7 are members of one of two “teams” per grade level. The 125 students on a team share the five common content teachers, traveling together through the day as a community. Named the 6th Grade Blue and Golds Teams and the 7th Grade Blue and Gold Teams, these communities are a source of pride and support for our students and teachers. Rogers Middle School houses the only secondary Dual Language (DL) program in the district, allowing elementary DL students a place to continue receiving instruction in both Spanish and English Language Arts, as well as instruction in full Spanish in one or more content areas.

In addition to academics, Rogers students participate in a wide range of performing arts opportunities, including instrumental, vocal, and visual classes. After 81 years, Rogers athletes and music students finally have a new athletic stadium, which will allow the school to host football, soccer, track, and band competitions. Students at Rogers may also participate in various co-curricular programs such as student Council, E-Sports, and speech and debate. Additionally, After Opp and Tulsa Speech and Debate League have partnered with Rogers to provide students with numerous after school activities at no cost to their families.


  • Experience a wide range of academic, elective, and athletic offerings;
  • Create a vision for the future which includes post-secondary education;
  • Develop life skills that apply to school and beyond and become responsible and involved citizens.

I love the fact that we learn about and celebrate each other’s traditions. When I’m at school I feel like I’m around a big family. Will Rogers student



Extra-curricular activities or clubs

  • Bike Club
  • Change Makers
  • Middle High School Tutoring
  • Communities in Schools
  • Hip Hop Club
  • Speech
  • Debate
  • STEM
  • Tech Club
  • Junior National Honor Society
  • Chef Club
  • Student Leadership
  • Drama Club
  • Academic Bowl
  • 100 Black Men Tutoring
  • Gardening
  • Chess Club
  • E-Sports
  • Crime Scene Investigating
  • City Year
  • Ropers for Christ
  • Ebony Bowl

Athletic Programs

  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Boys Track
  • Boys & Girls Cheerleading
  • Football
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Track
  • Volleyball
  • Boys Wrestling
  • Girls Wrestling
  • Boys Cross Country
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Pom
Nathan Hale player keeps the ball away from a Rogers player during a girls basketball game


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Exterior photo of Will Rogers College High School