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Our Senior High Schools

Tulsa Public Schools students graduate college and career ready with advanced placement courses, concurrent enrollment opportunities, and career and technology education programs.

Webster students at broadcasting desk


  • Earn college credits through Advanced Placement courses and concurrent enrollment;

  • Gain hands-on work experience through career and technology education and internships;

  • Train in and earn industry certifications in areas such as Adobe Photoshop, computer fundamentals, and web design concepts; and

  • Explore the performing arts with courses including dance, drama, and vocal music.

All Tulsa Public School students have access to rigorous course offerings designed to prepare them for the greatest success in college, careers, and life. 



Advanced Placement

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program gives secondary students the opportunity to take challenging courses and earn college credits. Advanced Placement courses are open to any student who is academically prepared and willing to engage in rigorous course work. In 2019-2020, our schools offered 110 AP course offerings.

Concurrent Enrollment

High school juniors and seniors are eligible to earn college credits by successfully completing courses through Tulsa Community College, University of Tulsa, and Oral Roberts University. For the upcoming spring, more than 126 concurrent students have enrolled in 245 classes!

Career & Technology

Career and technology education provides students with the academic and technical skills they need to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. Students gain hands-on learning experience while building workplace competencies and can graduate with industry certifications.

Students have the opportunity to enroll in the technical programs and courses as part of their school day and to participate in off-campus internships in their fields of interest. In 2019-2020, our 5,959 career and technology students earned 2,100 industry certifications.

Students check out new technology at a microsoft store.

Explore our high schools

Booker T. Washington

1514 E. Zion St., Tulsa, OK 74106
Phone: 918-925-1000
Principal: Melissa Woolridge


3101 W. Edison St., Tulsa, OK 74127
Phone: 918-833-8400
Principal: Jason Gilley

East Central

2150 E. 11 St., Tulsa, OK 74128 
Phone: 918-746-9700
Principal: Mike Crase

Edison Preparatory

2906 E. 41 St., Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: 918-746-8500
Principal: Clay Vinyard


6960 E. 21 St., Tulsa, OK 74129
Phone: 918-925-1200
Principal: Sheila Riley


4929 N. Peoria Ave., Tulsa, OK 74126
Phone: 918-833-8500
Interim Principal: Renee Rabovsky


5840 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: 918-833-9600
Interim Principal: Rebecca Grooms


2740 E. 41 St. N., Tulsa, OK 74110 
Phone: 918-925-1360
Interim Principal: Romeo Alford

TUlsa Learning Academy

525 East 46th Street North, Tulsa, OK 74126
Phone: 918-746-6770
Principal: Dixie Speer

Tulsa MET

6201 E. Virgin St., Tulsa, OK 74115
Phone: 918-746-9300
Principal: Valerie Farrow


1919 W. 40 St. Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-746-8000
Principal: Shelly Holman

Will Rogers College1

3909 E. 5 Pl., Tulsa, OK 74112
Phone: 918-833-9000
Principal: Nicolette Dennis

1 - Effective in the 2020-2021 school year, Rogers and Central will become 6th-12th grade campuses.

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