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Hale high school staff and students stand outside Hale during a commemoration ceremony in 2017.

Nathan Hale

6960 E. 21 St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
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Phone: 918-925-1200
Principal: Sheila Riley
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Student population


Extra-Curricular offerings


Athletic programs


Advanced placement offerings


At Nathan Hale, we take pride in creating experiences for students through which each student who walks in our doors can find a niche, a school support system, and a purpose. We value and celebrate both the individuality of each student while approaching our work together with a team mindset, accepting each other and pushing each other to strive for greatness each day.

We focus on graduating students who are ready to serve our community through continued education, the workforce, or public service, and as a Tulsa Beyond school, we are redesigning how high school looks, sounds, and feels to keep students engaged in their college and career pathway planning.

We offer the district’s only culinary arts education program which operates Hale’s Kitchen, which is open to the public and provides students with real-life experiences working in the hospitality industry. Our students can explore career pathways in the military and gain leadership and life skills training through our highly decorated JROTC program. Our students can also participate in AP classes and concurrent enrollment at Tulsa Community College and Tulsa Tech.

We are confident that you to will feel proud and honored to be a Ranger and to be part of the proud legacy that is Nathan Hale High School.

Two Hale high school students place prepared plates of food onto a tray during a culinary showcase event.

Hale’s Kitchen

We are the only high school in the state of Oklahoma with a restaurant affiliated with our culinary arts program. Our kitchen is run and operated by students. Students plan the menus, prepare food, and serve it to our customers. We even offer catering options for businesses in the community.


  • Experience a wide range of academic, elective and athletic offerings;
  • Participate in the culinary arts program and gain real-life skills to work in the hospitality industry; and
  • Experience a student-centered environment in which students and staff focus on building strong, life-changing relationships.

The teachers and staff at Hale care about me, and they help me when I’m struggling with different things. If you need help on something, they’ll come over and they will teach you so that you can understand it. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but Hale. Hale High School student



Specialized Courses

  • Culinary
  • Graphic Media
  • Hospitality
  • Tulsa Term

Extra-curricular activities or clubs

  • City Year Tutoring
  • GSA
  • Math, Science, English Tutoring
  • Speech and Debate

Athletic Programs

  • Baseball
  • Boys Cross Country
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Track
  • Boys Soccer
  • Cheer
  • Football
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Girls Basketball
  • Girls Track
  • Girls Soccer
  • Pom
  • Softball
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball


Four students from Hale's culinary school smile at the camera during a showcase event.
Nathan Hale baseball pitcher on the mound


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Hale high school building