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Tulsa MET

Tulsa met graduation student taking a selfie

Tulsa MET

6201 E. Virgin St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115
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Phone: 918-746-9300
Principal: Valarie Farrow
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At a glance

Student population


Relationships, relevance, and rigor are at the heart of teaching and learning at Tulsa MET Junior and High School. Our students thrive in small classes with highly individualized instruction from talented teacher-advisors who are committed to meeting each student where they are and supporting them to be successful. Our students build real-world skills while collaborating with classmates on projects and have regular opportunities to share their experiences and learning with their teachers, peers, and families. In our 21st century classrooms, students learn through relevant assignments and projects that provide opportunities for collaboration with classmates and teachers.


Tulsa MET JH & HS begins everyday with a positive and interactive relationship between each student and their individual advisor. Our advisors work to build safe and open relationships with each student through hands-on activities and lessons that kick start and feed the mind. We pair each student with an advisor who will follow them for consecutive years, in order to help them master and become confident in collaborative ideas, interdisciplinary units, internships, and project-based learning. Our advisory model has built Tulsa MET into a school known to have a “community” feeling and a safe learning environment.


At Tulsa MET High School, our faculty develops interdisciplinary units to show students the connections between their core and elective courses. The students further develop their understanding when internships are incorporated into the interdisciplinary units. Tulsa MET junior high provides students the opportunity to work on projects that interest the student. Students are allowed to learn using various methods and strategies. Teachers guide the students to make connections in their learning during the development of the project.


For over a decade, Tulsa MET juniors and seniors have had the opportunity for real-world experiences through internships. The internships allow students to apply what they have learned and discover new passions while at our school. To help our students prepare for College, Career, and Life, we partner with numerous community organizations and businesses. Tulsa MET students may be found in internships at AAON, the City of Tulsa, Greenheck, Home Depot, the HUB, MESA, Spirit Aerosystems, Tulsa Dream Center, Tulsa Public Schools, the University of Tulsa, United Way, and many others. This program helps students commit to their learning plan, as well as helping them take responsibility for their own learning.

In addition to our Internship Program on the academic side, TulsaMET believes that each child learns through different facets. With that, we allow our students the freedom to create and express themselves as they desire.  Our onsite Community Garden is a perfect way to incorporate the 'hands-on' aspect. Each time they discover a new blooming fruit or vegetable, it is like a work of art for them and proof of success! Becoming involved with our Tulsa Community is also another way to help our students take the initiative to give back and become innovative free-thinkers! 


The faculty at Tulsa MET realize there is much more to our students than a test score. At the end of each semester, students prepare and present an Exhibition of their learning. Under the guidance of their advisor, students prepare a presentation that represents how they mastered the content in each of their courses during the semester. Students include their interests and passions and present the learning to their Advisory class, teacher, and their parents/guardian. Students are given honest feedback from their peers, advisor, and family. The Exhibitions allow students to gain crucial experience in public speaking, receiving feedback, and build confidence in their day-to-day lives.


  • Gain real-world experience through off-campus internships;
  • Build meaningful connections with their teachers and peers, helping them to stay engaged and on track to graduate; and
  • Learn in small-class settings with highly personalized instruction designed to meet their individual needs.


Tulsa MET allows me to get out of the classroom and building. I am able to work with a mentor, in an internship during my junior and senior year. The school and advisors are always searching for ways to help students learn in ways that are best for us. We have small classes and I am able to spend quality instructional time with my teachers.Tulsa Met High School student



Activities and opportunities:

  • Archery
  • Campfire
  • ESports
  • Exhibitions
  • Girl Power
  • Internships
  • Project Bike Tech
  • Student Council
  • Yoga
  • Youth Entrepreneurs
  • Evening of Exploration


  • Student Council
  • Student Advisory Committee

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