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Students at Patrick Henry elementary read books.

We are currently making system updates to our online enrollment system. We are happy to support you and excited that you chose Tulsa Public Schools. Please call us at 918-746-7500 or visit us at the Enrollment Center for dedicated support for your enrollment needs.

Register for Pre-Kindergarten

Start your child’s education off right! Enrolling in pre-kindergarten (pre-K) is one of the best steps that a family can take to support a child’s social and academic development. All pre-K programs are free and full-day.

Enrollment for the 19-20 school year is open. We encourage families to enroll students as soon as possible as pre-K seats are limited. There are limited enrollment protections for neighborhood students, siblings of students already at the school, and children of Tulsa Public Schools employees.

*For information about available pre-K seats, please call 918-746-7522.

2019-2020 pre-K programs


Additional free pre-K programs in Tulsa

These free pre-K programs in the Tulsa community are not provided by Tulsa Public Schools:
  • CAP Tulsa 
    • CAP Tulsa provides effective early childhood education that aims to prepare children for future school success. CAP Tulsa offers school-based programs at several schools throughout Tulsa Public Schools as well as a Learning@Home program.
    • Visit to learn how to apply, or call 918-382-3247
  • Cornerstone Child Development Centers
    • 11328 E. 29th St.
      For more information, call 918-665-0957 
  • Crosstown Learning Center
    • 2501 E. Archer St.
      For more information, call 918-582-1457
  • Educare
    • Kendall-Whittier, 918-779-6233
    • Hawthorne, 918-508-2250
    • MacArthur, 539-832-8200


How to enroll your student in pre‑K

Students must be four years old by September 1.

Step 1: Gather your enrollment materials

You will need the following:

  • Email address for enrollment account and communications
  • Proof of residence
  • Student’s birth certificate
  • Student’s immunization record
  • Parent/guardian photo ID

See Required Documents for details.

Step 2: Enroll online

Step 3: Watch for notifications

When seats are available, automated emails will inform you whether enrollments are approved. NOTE: We send notifications to the same email account you used to create the family registration account.

If space fills up, the student is placed on a pre-K wait list. If this occurs or there are any other changes to programs, enrollment center staff will contact you to discuss options.



If a student does not live in, but wants to attend a TPS school with Tulsa Public Schools.

Transfers from other districts
request period details application
Requests between Jan. 1 and May 31
for the following school year
(open transfers)
  • Guardians must submit requests to Tulsa Public Schools
  • We can approve or deny an open transfer
  • The sending school district cannot deny this type of transfer
  • This type of transfer is valid for one year and must be renewed each year
Open out-of-district transfer
Requesting transfer for current school year
(emergency transfers)
  • Guardians must submit requests to Tulsa Public Schools.
  • The sending school district can deny approval of an emergency transfer.
  • Emergency transfers are only valid during the applied for school year.
  • This type of transfer may be approved only if specific conditions are met. (see below)
Emergency out-of-district transfer

Specific conditions for emergency transfers
(according to the Oklahoma State Department of Education)

  • Destruction or partial destruction of a school building;
  • Inability to offer the subject a pupil desires to pursue if the pupil becomes a legal resident of a school district after February 1 of the school year immediately prior to the school year for which the pupil is seeking the transfer;
  • Catastrophic medical problem of a student which for purposes of this section shall mean an acute or chronic serious illness, disease, disorder or injury which has a permanently detrimental effect on the body’s system or renders the risk unusually hazardous;
  • Total failure of transportation facilities; (school-provided transportation/bus service)
  • Concurrence of both the sending and receiving districts. The State Department of Education requires the sending district superintendent to sign the application.
  • Unavailability of a specialized deaf education program for a student who is deaf or hearing impaired;
  • Unavailability of remote or on-site internet-based instruction (by course title) for a student identified as in need of drop-out recover or alternative education services, provided such student was enrolled at any time in a public school in this state during the previous three years in the district of residence 70 O.S. § 8-104.
  • When a student has been the victim of harassment, intimidation and bullying as defined in Title 70 O.S. § 24-100.3, upon verification by the receiving district that the student has been the victim of harassment, intimidation or bullying, and that the sending district was notified of the incident(s) prior to the filing of the application for transfer.


Questions about enrolling in pre-K

Is my child old enough to attend pre-k?

Students must be 4 on or before September 1, 2019.

How do I enroll for pre-K?

  • Use the TPS online enrollment application – preK space is limited, it is based on first come first served with limited sibling and employee preference
  • Online enrollment is available at the Enrollment Center – computers and scanning upload assistance are available
  • Students that live outside the district can apply. They must enroll online and submit an Out-of-District Transfer Application. Applications will be considered in August.

Do I have to upload the documents myself?

No, you can complete the enrollment from home and then bring the required documents to the Enrollment Center and we will upload the documents for you.


Questions About General Enrollment

Why is my student enrolled in a different school this year?
If the student moved during the last school, we enroll them in the new neighborhood school based on your address.
  • If you have any questions about residency or school of enrollment, call or visit the Enrollment Center.
  • If you believe the school of enrollment is incorrect, submit your proof of residency to the Enrollment Center so we can update the enrollment.
What if I am homeless?
Contact the homeless coordinator at 918‑746‑6477, or visit the Enrollment Center.
What if my student has a 504 plan, child study plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?
We enroll all students in their neighborhood school. School staff can answer any specific questions pertaining to students with educational plans or inquiries about special programs.

You can contact the exceptional student support office at 918-746-6390.

Questions about tests and grade level placement
What if I move after submitting my enrollment?
If you move, you will need to provide a new proof of address to the enrollment center in person or by emailing (if pre-K, call 918-746-7522). If you email it, include your student's name and date of birth on the proof of address.

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Enrollment Center

2819 S. New Haven Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74114 
Entrance: North doors

Days: Mon. - Fri.
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
(Arrive by 3 p.m. for NEW enrollment.)



Pre-K placements:
918-746-7522 or 918-746-7501

General enrollment or online form assistance:

Pre-K email support: