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Welcome to Greenwood Leadership Academy!

Greenwood Leadership Academy is in the heart of the Greenwood district in Tulsa, Oklahoma (known in the early 20th century as America’s “Black Wall Street”). Founded on the principles of excellence, entrepreneurship, and leadership, GLA is an elementary school passionate about advancing students' academic achievement in our community. We are determined that North Tulsa’s students receive a great foundation and achieve in every aspect of their lives both in and out of the classroom.

In alignment with the core values of Tulsa Public Schools District, Greenwood Leadership Academy believes in threading equity, character, excellence, team, and joy in every lesson and activity that our scholars encounter.

We collectively work toward the success of every student, ensuring that they have an overall amazing academic experience while attending Greenwood Leadership Academy. We are committed to enhancing the quality of education that our scholars receive by partnering with community organizations, engaging families, and most importantly ensuring our scholars are our foremost priority.

Our Culture

We cultivate a culture that is professional, focused and disciplined while still encouraging our students to respectfully ask questions.

Greenwood Leadership Academy is full of positivity - offering morning seminars full of inspirational messages, student-led pledges and chants. In addition, our classroom ambassadors greet visitors and describe the class' lesson for the day. Our school is committed to supporting our scholars in becoming a wonderful mix of purposeful, responsible, organized and joyful.

Our goals

Every class at Greenwood Leadership Academy has at least one quantitative and one qualitative big goal each quarter that is both audacious as well as feasible and measurable. This is in addition to the planned homework and assessments every grade level receives weekly. We communicate in advance to ensure both our students and parents know what to expect.


At Greenwood Learning Academy, we use real-time data to determine how our students are comprehending new material. With this data, our teachers know whether just a few students need extra help understanding the lesson, if the whole class needs to hear the instruction again or if everyone understands and is ready to move on. This data helps us ensure everyone succeeds and provides guidance to anyone who needs a little more direction to get to the common goal. We also employ this data to guide tutoring schedules, review objectives and provide intervention when needed.


We are passionate about advancing achievement in our community. We are a school that is focused on excellence through visible examples of leadership throughout the school and community. We warmly welcome everyone into our school, and we trust all will appreciate the importance that our school is unrelenting about achieving excellence in every arena.

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Greenwood Leadership Academy

pre-K - 5th Grade

1789 W. Seminole St.
Tulsa, OK 74127
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Phone: 918-833-8850