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Distance Learning

Distance Learning Resources for Students and Families
Recursos del Aprendizaje a Distancia para Estudiantes y Familias

The Tulsa Way for Distance Learning focuses on building strong student-teacher relationships and providing students with meaningful content that sustains learning through the end of the school year. Teaching and learning schedules are designed to prioritize regular person-to-person check-ins for every student to foster a sense of belonging. Our approach includes both online and offline activities for at-home learning that focus on reading, writing, mathematics and problem-solving.

The Distance Learning pages are organized by grade level. In each section, you’ll find an overview of the student experience, student learning schedules, learning packets and links to additional resources.

Hemos dividido los recursos de aprendizaje por nivel y grado. Cada sección incluye los horarios de aprendizaje de los estudiantes, paquetes con contenido educativo, y enlaces a recursos.



General Resources for Distance Learning/Recursos generales para el aprendizaje a distancia

Canvas Learning Management System Resources/Recursos para manejar el sistema de aprendizaje de Canvas 

Resources for Other Distance Learning Tools/Otros recursos y herramientas para el aprendizaje a distancia



Television Programming Schedules / Horario de programas de televisión

TPS 20 (English) / TPS 20 (Español)

RSU TV (English) / RSU TV (Español)



Frequently Asked Questions/PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES