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Information for Seniors

Update on Graduation

Dear parents, families, and graduates,

Every graduating class has something that makes it special, and the Class of 2020 is one for the history books! While none of us would have expected to close the year with drive-up graduations, these events were such wonderful celebrations of you and your extraordinary resilience through these unprecedented times. If you have not had a chance to see our Class of 2020 graduation photos, I encourage you to visit and download your favorites!

I know that we were all hopeful for the opportunity to hold more traditional graduation ceremonies in July. We delayed this decision as long as possible in hopes that community conditions might change sufficiently to allow for large gatherings, but Tulsa’s infection rates have been increasing over the last few weeks. Based on our continued conversations with local health professionals and increasing rates of COVID-19 infection in our community, we cannot safely hold large in-person events without creating significant risk for COVID-19 exposure.

Graduates – I am sorry that we were not able to hold the kind of traditional ceremony that you have seen for the classes that came before you. We asked you about what mattered most for your graduation: wearing your robe, walking “across the stage,” and turning your tassel. You did those things with flare and style, and your class created its own very special – and very unusual – moment in history. Be proud of that moment just as we are so proud of you for your grace and tenacity through these unprecedented times.

I look forward to hearing about your many accomplishments in the years to come.


Signature of Deborah Gist

Superintendent Deborah A. Gist



Diploma Pick-Up

Update: We are able to hand out diplomas on Tuesdays, Wednesdays  and Thursdays in July. While we are still not open to the public, our receptionist will be able to assist you during the following times:

7:45 AM - 9:15 AM
9:30 AM - 11:45 AM
12:45 PM - 3:00 PM

Please adhere to these safety precautions:

1. You must wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose

2. Please ring the doorbell and let the receptionist know your legal name and school. After you give her this information, it will take a few minutes to double check everything and pull your diploma.

3. You must show your photo ID through the door before she can give you the diploma.

4.  If there are any issues that prevent us from giving you the diploma (fees or lack of credits) she will inform you of this but will not be able to clear any issue. Those must be cleared through your school.

5.  If there is someone at the door being helped, please wait in your car until they are finished.

Please contact with additional questions. 



Virtual FAFSA Workshops

We are excited to team up with ImpactTulsa to host virtual FAFSA events for our high school students and parents! Join our online meetings on June 18, July 16, and Aug. 6 at 3 p.m. to learn more about how to complete each step of the FAFSA. Parents and students can also have questions answered by financial aid experts. Register to attend the Zoom meeting by clicking on the following date that fits your schedule:

For more information, email:

TRIO will also be hosting virtual FAFSA help sessions. Click here for more information.



Graduation Photos



Class of 2020 Essay Contest

Click here to see who won the essay contest!



Senior Survey

Seniors, please click here to take the college and career survey. This survey helps us better understand our students thoughts and plans regarding their futures.  This survey will help Tulsa Public Schools prepare and ensure upcoming high school students have the most successful high school career we can provide.





Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the answers below address concerns specific to current upperclassmen and their families. For general questions about the current situation with COVID-19, please visit Further information on Oklahoma public schools’ response to COVID-19 can also be found here.

Seniors, if you have additional questions, please fill out this form. If you have a question that applies to you specifically, please contact your school directly.

This FAQ will be updated as more information becomes available.

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We understand that as seniors you may be experiencing a great deal of uncertainty around what happens after high school right now. We are trying to create virtual learning experiences that help you think through college, career and life.


If you need help with your FAFSA, please reach out here.